A 2012 case resulting in the death of a Richland Man Ben Ensign has been ruled a homicide.

The original case stems from an incident at the night club Jack Didley's where Matthew T. Hibbard, a Bouncer, removed Ensign from the club resulting in severe injuries.

here are the original details of the case:

Ensign was 31 when he was asked twice to leave the nightclub because he was intoxicated and being disruptive.

He was running back to the front door intending to get his credit card, said Ensign’s sister, Megan.

On his way back Matthew T. Hibbard grabbed Ben Ensign in a choke hold and began walking him back across the sidewalk. Meanwhile, another bouncer grabbed Ensign’s ankles.

Hibbard, a club manager and bouncer, claimed he didn’t know another bouncer had also stepped in. They carried Ben Ensign for more than 13 seconds before Hibbard let go, later saying he backed off to protect himself from being hit.

After falling nearly 5 feet, Ben Ensign’s head hit the ground, fracturing his skull and causing a subdural hematoma, said officials. The injury left him on life support for a month and injured his brain.

Hibbard was later convicted of third-degree assault and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

Ben Ensign passed away several years after his injuries occurred but the severity of the injuries led to investigations from the Kennewick Police Department and the University of Washington and now a conclusion has been made in the investigation. He did recover somewhat, but his injuries left him in an incapacitated state that required assisted care for certain tasks for the rest of his life.  Officials say his injuries did shorten his life due to permanent complications.

Benton County Coroner Bill Leach made the homicide ruling this week, Leach says the case is very complex and no decision has been to charge Hibbard again and the investigation continues in the hands of the Kennewick Police Department and the Benton County Prosecutors.

You can read more details on the case here 

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