Kennewick police continue to investigate a man and woman arrested for running an elaborate house rental scam involving foreclosed or vacant properties.

After receiving a complaint from a citizen, On November 10th police raided a home in the 2200 block of East 3rd. Ave. and arrested 28-year-old Steven Nicholas Adam Hartman and 32-year-old Mary Grace Zieske.  They are facing at least three counts of residential burglary.

According to Officer Rick Runge of the Kennewick Police Department, the two would break into vacant homes that were facing or had already been placed in foreclosure. They would change the locks on the doors and then rent the homes to unsuspecting victims. They even presented the people with legitimate looking rental or rent-to-own documents. Runge said this resulted in two victims, both the home owner and the renter.

Police didn't say if the two are linked to any additional scams, but the investigation continues.

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