At first, it perhaps appeared to be something illegal, even criminal. But it was not.

Thursday, a Kennewick Police Officer on patrol noticed a motorist near 10th and Garfield moving at a very slow rate of speed. What else caught the Officer's attention was the two front tires on the car were flat.

  What Was the Backstory on This?

The driver was obstructing traffic, so the Officer contacted them. The man behind the wheel was rather upset, and appeared to be having trouble communicating. But once he settled down, he told the Officer he had very limited income and was trying to limp his vehicle to a tire shop to replace the two flats.

The Officer also determined continuing to drive on the flats would do damage to the wheels and the rest of the car as well. And maybe the street.

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The Officer determined his story was legitimate, and in another example of how the Community Care Fund works, a tow truck was brought in.

The man's car was able to be towed to the shop where he was able to get replacement tires for the front of the car.

The Kennewick Police Community Fund helps Officers assist citizens who are facing financial issues concerning transportation, lodging, and other issues related to cases. For more information on how you can help the Community Fund, call (509)-585-4208.

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