DUI crash in Kennewick (KPD)

Kennewick Police say the driver of a car that lost control on Columbia Drive in Kennewick before crashing was believed to be traveling at 100MPH prior to the crash.

Just before midnight Wednesday, Officers were called to the 400 block of E. Columbia Drive, and found this car nearly split in two.

DUI crash in Kennewick (KPD)

The driver, identified as Shannon Leader, 39, was trying to negotiate a corner when the car got away from her. The car hit the curb and some shrubs; at which point Police say the driver had no control whatsoever.

The car then slammed into a large steel pole that housed a large sign alongside the road. Police said they were able to determine this from tire and skid marks Leader left behind. The impact deployed the airbags, and fortunately while both Leader and her passenger were hurt, their injuries were non-life-threatening.

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They were treated at the scene, Police did not say if they were transported, but probable cause of impairment led to a blood draw that will be sent to the State Crime Lab. No mention of a breathalyzer, often a blood draw indicates suspicion of marijuana use.

Leader is not only facing DUI but also Vehicular Assault charges. KPD says that comes into play when a person's driving is reckless to the point they injure someone else (or multiple persons) who are in the vehicle with them.

It is a Class B Felony, considered serious. The investigation continues. Both persons are lucky to be alive.


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