We're hearing more about CSI and forensic evidence helping solve crimes, and it's NOT just on TV.

Kennewick police said Wednesday such evidence led to the arrest of 35-year-old David Castenada, who allegedly broke into a home February 29th, assaulted and tied up two victims.

Police said evidence taken from the scene at the home in the 4600 block of West 7th linked him to the home invasion. Castenada had been arrested on an unrelated charge March 5th, now apparently new charges have been added. Diligent forensic work provided the evidence needed to link him to the home invasion.

The two victims were tied up, and sustained injuries in the early morning incident, but they were not life threatening.

The community had been on edge when it was learned the suspect had stolen a gun from the West 7th home.

Castaneda is now facing a laundry list of charges, including First Degree Burglary and Assault, Second Degree Assault, two counts of Second Degree Kidnapping, and second degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

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