IHOP which really means "International House Of Pancakes" is changing it's name after 60 years to IHOB - the question that's on all of our minds is what does the "B" stand for?

The company announced on Tuesday that it's changing it's 60 year old name and no one seems to know what the new name stands for. We know the IHOP is short for "International House Of Pancakes" but what is IHOB going to stand for.

IHOP has said they'll announce the new name on June 11th but we can all theorize what the "B" stands for.

I think Bacon is a front runner because who doesn't love bacon? I'd go to an International House Of Bacon.

Other theories are biscuits, blueberries, barnacles and butternut squash. I guess we'll all find out June 11th but I'm still voting for bacon!

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