KPD---street racers stopped
KPD---street racers stopped

Kennewick Police say they're seeing what's described as "an increase in dangerous, disruptive, and sometimes lethal driving behaviors."

One of the most noticeable examples is a sharp rise in street racing by two, or even more, drivers.  This image is from a recent traffic stop near Albertson's on Clearwater, where two drivers were pulled over for rocketing down the street.

Police strongly urge drivers to slow down, observe the rules and laws, and don't potentially hurt other people, drivers or property.

And, it's not just in Kennewick. You may recall we reported a few days ago about the two street racers who were nailed in Pasco by Franklin County Deputies on Captital Ave. near Commercial Ave.

Not only could a driver racing hurt themselves, other drivers, citizens and property, depending upon the severity, likely their cars will be towed. Given the daily penalties  and fees, most never see their cars again.

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