Just after midnight Kennewick Police responded to multiple shots fired near the corner of W. 31st Ave and S. Vancouver St. A 16 year-old was arrested and booked for felony reckless endangerment and possession of a stolen handgun.

KPD Facebook page:

Weapons Arrest: On 04-01-18 at 0006 hours, Kennewick PD recieved numerous reports of a male shooting a gun into the air while standing in the road near W 31st Ave and S Vancouver St. Officers arrived in the area and located a 16 year old juvenile male armed with a handgun. A short stand off ensued with the male who eventually obeyed police commands and was taken into custody. He had in his possession a stolen handgun from a vehicle prowl that occurred in Kennewick two days prior. KPD found several shell casings in the road and one house that had been hit with gun fire. No injuries were reported.The male was booked into Juvenile Justice for being in Possession of a Stolen Handgun and Felony Reckless Endangerment. KPD 18-11416

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