Well, that didn't take long.

Pasco police report they've successfully nabbed a suspect who's believed to be responsible for multiple thefts of wire and other recyclable supplies from one or more home building sites, and he's also wanted for trespassing.

Thanks to some backup work from Kennewick police, a man suspected of stealing wire, copper wire and other supplies is in jail. Pasco police had tried to pull over this truck earlier in the week, belonging to Adam Lyle Garrison, in the Dunes area between Road 100 and Sandifur Parkway. However, largely due to the sandy terrain, the truck was able to escape by going where the patrol cars could not follow.

Officer Ana Ramos arrested Garrison after his truck was spotted in Kennewick. He was charged with driving on a suspended license and for trespassing. An investigation continues into allegations he was stealing valuable copper wire from home construction sites. If so, the amount of items stolen could be significant.

Copper is the 'gold' of recyclables, but is also watched carefully by recycling centers. If you show up consistently with spools or amounts of it, they're going to alert the cops.

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