A pharmacist has been charged with unprofessional conduct by the Health Systems Quality Assurance Division of the Washington State Department of Health (WSDH), concerning missing narcotics after a 2016 burglary.

According to WSDH documents released Tuesday, Mustafa G. Elziny was the "responsible manager of pharmacy" that underwent a series of audits after an alleged burglary took place in 2016.

On September 28th 2018, Elziny was charged with the misconduct because he did not submit a loss form following the break-in. This in turn triggered a series of audits of their inventory. The audits showed the Reliance Pharmacy in Kennewick where he is employed was missing 1,188 narcotics tablets from their inventory. The substances included Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. The investigation took nearly 2 years to complete.

Officials say Elziny allegedly forged a transfer document in an effort to account for some of the missing tablets. He also reportedly tested positive for narcotics for which he did not possess valid prescriptions for. No specifics were listed in the WSDH charges except that enforcement actions are "pending."

Some of his positive narcotics tests matched the items that were missing from the pharmacy.

Information shows he worked at the Reliance Pharmacy at 133 North Ely Street.

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