Police didn't say how they got tips or information, but Wednesday night they apprehended a suspect who's wanted in connection with an Oregon homicide.

Around 8:30 pm, the CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team) located and arrested 31-year-old Ryan J. Carrera, who's the subject of a warrant out of Kaiser, OR on Attempted Homicide.

Police did say information from Kaiser police helped them narrow down their search. He will now be extradited to Oregon. No specific details about his crime were released. According to other reports, a tip from a citizen helped lead police to Carrera, who was reportedly arrested after being seen walking near 3rd and South Washington in Kennewick.

He was reportedly carrying a loaded pistol when he was arrested. He's wanted in connection with a shooting incident in Kaiser April 22. How he got from Kaiser to Kennewick is not yet known.

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