Authorities are looking into what appears to be an early morning incident Tuesday.

Police responded to multiple calls from residents in the 100 to 500 Blocks of South Harrison Street,  South Grant St. and South Filmore Streets.  These neighborhoods are adjacent to each other.

Authorities say residents found numerous amounts of mail scattered on the sidewalks and streets.  Most of the residents were able to retrieve their mail, but noticed holiday and birthday cards had been opened.  Police say the suspect or suspects were likely looking for gift cards.   They say this time of year such mail theft incidents rise considerably.

Police are looking for potential witnesses, and are asking anyone who knows of mail that was lost to contact the Kennewick police department.  So far, at least 7 victims have been identified.

They also urge residents to make sure they have a locking mailbox, but if they don't to check mail daily, and make sure mail doesn't sit in the box overnight after being delivered.