Area of mail theft (Google street view)
Area of mail theft (Google street view)

Fortunately, Kennewick Police were able to apprehend the suspect with his contraband.

 Mail theft suspect captured in Kennewick

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 18th. Kennewick Police were tipped off by some residents in the 4100 block of West 3rd Ave. about a suspicious person.

They'd been seen going from mailbox to mailbox, looking inside, and removing mail. When officers arrived, they were able to locate and arrest the suspect, his name was not given.

KPD says at least 45 pieces of various types of stolen mail ]were found on his person, it is in the process of being delivered to the rightful owners.

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Mail theft is not a 'petty' misdemeanor crime, it's actually a Federal offense. 18 US Code Section  1708 makes it a Federal felony to take even one piece of mail, and it also applies to keeping packages or mail that are delivered to you by accident.

The suspect is now in the Benton County jail.

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