Not only was suspect a porch pirate, she was busted with stolen mail as well.

Sunday afternoon Kennewick police apprehended a 45-year-old woman, who was seen leaving a porch in the 900 block of Park Hills drive, with a package in her hand. Neighbors said she didn't live there, so obviously a problem!

While the citizen kept her in view until police arrived, police were able to quickly locate and arrest Tashene Jackson. Not only did she have the package, she reportedly had numerous pieces of stolen mail from Kennewick AND Pasco.

Several of the items including bank documents and reported credit cards. She's facing multiple charges.  Police remind people to keep a close eye on mail boxes and for expected package arrivals. Holidays are perhaps the 'worst' season for porch pirates, people who cruise through neighborhoods looking for delivery packages and boxes left on porches, and especially ones where nobody is home.

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