After recovering a number of items taken from burglaries across the Tri-Cities,  police have made two arrests, in connection with another theft.

Kennewick police reported :

"Monday January 20th, the Richland Police recovered stolen property that was linked to a burglary in Kennewick. Richland Detectives along with Kennewick Detectives then contacted a residence in Kennewick (11 E 13th) and with consent to search from the resident, found stolen property outside the home that could be linked to more recent burglaries.
Information from that search led investigators to a residence in Pasco (1419 N 15th). With a search warrant, investigators recovered more stolen property on January 21st. That then led to an additional search warrant back at 11 E 13th in Kennewick where investigators found more stolen property inside the home.
The majority of the stolen property recovered was taken in burglaries of houses that are under construction or model homes. 1 of the locations was in Pasco, 1 in Richland and 3 in Kennewick. The majority of the property has been returned to the owners. In all, about 4 truckloads of property valued at approximately $10,000 to $15,000 was recovered."  (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

Police also report they have arrested  27-year-old Lane T. Lawson, and 28-year-old Travis E. Goodan in connection with a theft Tuesday from a home in the 5400 block of Umatilla Ave. in which guns, cash, precious metals, coins and bonds were taken.  Those items have also been recovered and the two men are in the Benton County jail (KNDU-TV).

(Photo of suspect also courtesy KNDU-TV)


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