Kennewick Police are always working to track down suspects, even months after a robbery. KPD has reported that they've arrested a suspect from a November robbery.

The robbery occurred at the Red Lion Inn and Suites last November and now KPD has a suspect in custody.

Kennewick Police released details on the arrest and the first incident that lead to the arrest of Jordyan Kinsey, a suspect in the robbery.

The robbery happened as reported by the Kennewick Police Department:

On 11-12-20, at about 2258 hours, officers and detectives with the Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT) responded to 5616 W Clearwater Ave (Red Lion Inn & Suites) for a robbery that had just occurred. Through the investigation, it was learned that the victim had a large amount of money stolen from them during the robbery. The investigation lead to the identification of multiple suspects.

A few months later after several leads and investigations, we've got an update from the Kennewick Police Department concerning the Red Lion robbery:

On 03-05-21 one of those suspects, Jordyan Kinsey, was located and arrested without incident. During this portion of the investigation, the suspect's vehicle was impounded and a search warrant was served on the vehicle by CAT detectives. During the search warrant, evidence relating to the original incident was located. Several firearms, including firearms stolen from different jurisdictions, were located and seized from the vehicle as well. Kinsey was also found to be an alleged criminal street gang member and was booked at the Benton County Jail on one count of Robbery in the 1st Degree, two counts of Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 2nd Degree.

It took a few months to sort out the details and build the case but now KPD have a suspect in custody and off the streets.

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