This school year, kindergarden enrolment was much higher than expected. In the Kennewick School District, it was not a "the more, the merrier" kind of case. Administrators have been scrambling to shuffle around the kids to find room, but they’re letting kids slip through the cracks.

One Kennewick mother is furious that a bus driver dropped her son off at an elementary school instead of his home on Wednesday. The boy's mother said she waited for him at the curb, and the bus arrived, but not her son. Her son lives near Eastgate Elementary but is bused to Amistad Elementary because they have room for him. He was dropped off at Eastgate, and began walking home because he was hungry.

This incident follows a busing complaint from last month when a Richland kindergartener was left at the wrong bus stop with a stranger.

Kennewick School District spokeswoman Lorraine Cooper expressed sympathy and assures the public that they are looking into ways of improving the communication and procedures between schools.

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