A statement was issued Friday morning by the Kennewick School District, regarding the treatment of a Chinook Middle School student who wore a Trump Build the Wall 2016 shirt on Inauguration Day.

Here is the statement, as released by Communications  Director Robyn Chastain:


Statement from Kennewick School District regarding student wearing “Trump” shirt:

“We are aware that media outlets are reporting a claim that a student at Chinook Middle School was bullied by a teacher for wearing a shirt expressing support of a particular political view. The school principal investigated and appropriate action was taken with the employee. There was no punishment for the student for wearing the shirt. The school investigation also concluded that the student was not isolated or reprimanded during lunch as some social media posts and news outlets are reporting.

 Kennewick School District supports our students’ right to free expression of opinion as an important part of education in a democratic society. Our policy states ‘Students' verbal and written expression of opinion on school premises is to be encouraged so long as it does not disrupt the operation of the school, subject to reasonable limitations.’

Part of this statement contradicts the information and sources we have directly seen indicating the student WAS held away from lunch, and with another student, required to eat in the office., which is in a way a 'punishment'. As we reported in our story, the parents are satisfied with the attention and respect received from the Chinook Middle School Principal on the matter, and believe it was addressed satisfactorily on his end.

But the issue itself brings home to the Mid-Columbia what we've seen in other areas of the country, where people are openly and sometimes viciously attacked for expressing their views on the outcome of the recent Presidential election.

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