The ambitious project that would have added much needed space to the Three Rivers Convention Center, refurbished the aging Toyota Center and added a 3,000-plus seat performing arts center has  been defeated.

For the second time in less than four years, Kennewick voters rejected a plan that could have added millions of dollars in economic and tax revenue to the area.

According to Benton County election officials, as of Wednesday morning the Link Project was being defeated 53-47 percent.

Unlike the 2013 effort, which would have only refurbished the Toyota Center, the Link would have added over 50,000 square feet to the Convention Center, refurbished the Toyota Center and joined the two buildings with a 3,000 seat theater designed to attract Broadway shows and smaller concerts.

Each year, a number of concerts, events and especially conventions wind up in Spokane or even Yakima because they have larger venues to hold them.

The project, which would have added a local $.2 cent per every $10 dollars sales tax, also included a sunset clause that would have rescinded the tax when the project cost was paid for. One of the selling points was that out-of-town visitors would also be paying, meaning the entire cost was not being dumped on Kennewick residents only.

100% of the Kennewick Link votes cast have been counted, of the 8,650, the measure was defeated by just over 550 votes. Over all  state voter turnout was pathetic, with less than 24 percent statewide casting ballots.

Supporters of the project say they still have future hope for some sort of refurbishment and infrastructure project. This defeat calls into question the possible future of the Tri-City Americans and other events at Toyota Center. The aging building has areas that are literally falling apart.

In the downstairs hallway areas, ceiling tiles are not even replaced, because water leaks occur so often the tiles are ruined and it's not cost effective to keep replacing them. Visiting Western Hockey League teams refer to the visitor's locker room as "Alcatraz," because it's so old and decrepit.

No word as to when Link supporters and officials might try this again.

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