3 teen girls in Kennewick have learned the hard way about being secure and safe online, and the investigation continues into who got them involved in fraud.

August 27th, Tuesday, police responded to a local restaurant (authorities didn't say which one) about a possible fraud.  Workers got an order for over $100 worth of food from the girls who placed the order online.

Fortunately, say police, the restaurant workers processed and ran the bill prior to the girls stopping by to pick it up. The card came up with another name besides that of the girls. The workers became suspicious and called police immediately.

After an investigation, police contacted one of the three and her sibling. They admitted they had gotten the information from a male on Snapchat, who had promised to give them free pizza if they gave him numerous 'shoutouts' on the social site. He supplied them with the credit card number and some other information.

After more investigating, police discovered the credit card and information were from out of state, and had been stolen. Now authorities are trying to trace the source of the person on Snapchat. The girls said they had not met the person before that day, online or in person.

Police caution everyone, never conduct business, or engage in any kind of financial transactions (or accept suspicious offers) from anyone on social media unless you have proof it is legitimate. Kind of scary that this guy was using stolen information to bribe out of state people.

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