Although outside of what some call the political 'Bermuda Triangle' (King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties) voter turnout was close to or over 70 percent-even 80, SPI Incumbent Kris Reykdal kept his seat in the November 3 election.

Reykdal defeated aggressive challenger Maia Espinoza 56-42 percent, a margin of about 400K votes. The SPI race was considered the second most 'bitter' besides Inslee vs. Culp, due to the controversial K-5 sex ed program Reykdal wanted to push through.

In the August primary, Espinoza got 29 percent, Ron Higgins 20 and Reykdal 40, making him very vulnerable.  It appears a lot of 'Higgins' and other support swung for Espinoza, but King and the other west side counties stepped up for him.

Surprisingly in Benton County Espinoza only beat Reykdal 50-48 percent, considering a lot of momentum against his sex ed platform started here in our area.  In Franklin County, the margin was 58-41 in favor of Espinoza.

Reykdal got 608K of his 1.6 Million (and change) votes from King County alone.

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