According to information from the Benton Franklin Health District, Dr. Amy Person has reversed course on hybrid learning beginning now for KSD middle and high school students.

The board met to re-evaluate it's Oct.21 3-2 vote, where the board went against a green light from the District to begin  hybrid 2 days a week in class learning. It would have started Nov.2.  However, a controversial majority of opposition by Board Members Ron Mabry, Diane Sundvik and Dawn Adams (President) resulted in a delay until February 2.

Wednesday night Dr. Person said rising case counts inclined her to not green light hybrid at this time. The BFHD claims older students appear to transmit the virus similarly to adults.

Without a revote, the board chose to revisit the hybrid plan in January but did not fix a date.

However, Board Member Michael Connors strongly suggested if the numbers "go down" significantly or soon, and he believes they will, the board should immediately convene in special session to work to get hybrid going.

Connors has consistently been the only board member who from day one has consistently pushed for students to be in class. He is the one who at the Oct.21 meeting cited distance learning as producing the worst academic performance KSD has ever seen.

Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce ended the discussion (before moving onto talking about funding and 2021 legislative subjects) by saying she will always follow the advice of the BFHD.  It is interesting to note in Oct. the advice of the BFHD was to open hybrid, but the board decided to go against the health department and wishes of many parents.

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