According to a new study from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, labor unions are strong-arming companies in their efforts to eliminate the 'secret ballot' voting method.

Traditionally in politics and union activities in America ballots have been secret because people are not always comfortable sharing their personal political views. Because of fear of reprisal, and security, such ballots have always been kept 'secret.' But the last several years that policy in certifying or approving unions in companies is under attack.

Led largely by SEIU, big labor is engaging in what the Competitive Enterprise Institute calls "corporate campaigns" to attack or force companies to eliminate the secret ballot. When it comes to union votes, or a company voting to unionize or not,  labor does not want worker's votes to remain secret. Studies have shown such activities greatly diminish the participation and clout of workers wh0 do not favor unions when it comes to voicing their opinions about unions--hence, intimidation. From the CEI report:

The report goes on to highlight instances in which unions have pressured companies to sign "neutrality agreements" to take away the right of employees to a secret ballot, used an anti-immigration bill against foreign auto companies hiring American workers, and engaged in shocking activities such as putting plastic cockroaches on food and claiming hospital food was contaminated.

The CEI report goes onto say solutions would be passing laws requiring (at the Federal level) secret ballots remain, and other legislation allowing workers to re-certify their union every three years. The CEI believes allowing workers to "kick out" their union every three years will eliminate much of the corruption and waste that has infiltrated even local union halls throughout America.

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