Apparently, the British are pretty upset over the Lance Armstrong doping scandal!

Armstrong, who recently was stripped of his 7 Tour De France cycling titles, will be burned in effigy in England at Edenbridge, a town about 35 miles from London.  Armstrong, who steadfastly denied using blood doping to enhance his performance (among other alleged drugs) has also been given demands to return prize and sponsor money from a number of sources and advertisers.

Armstrong apparently, according to new information published in a variety of sources, not only used blood doping and performance enhancing drugs, but tired to coerce his U.S. cycling teammates to do so as well.

But burning him in effigy? That's usually reserved for notorious political figures or others who have seriously hurt other people.   The burning will take place around the time of Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th.  The day is still marked in England to commemorate the arrest of Guy Fawkes, who was one of a group of people who tried to blow up the British House of Lords, and take out King James the First in 1605..   The fact that it was gunpowder, and a planned explosion, led to fireworks being used to celebrate the day.

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society annually selects someone to burn in effigy, choosing from sports figures, politicians, or anyone else who behaved badly, committed a scandal or otherwise acted "really stupid!"   So, they will be lighting him up, and the 30 plus foot tall wooden statue of Lance Armstrong will go the way of his legacy-up in smoke!