Conservative groups are accusing the EPA of charging them fees by way of the Freedom of Information Act when they were trying to obtain data from the department. Documents show the EPA waived the fees for liberal environmental groups far more than for conservative organizations.

According to research done by the Competitive Research Institute, environmental groups and politically "liberal" groups had a far greater success rates of getting documents, information and other materials via the Freedom of Information Act.

According to Christopher Horner of the CRI via Fox News:

The idea is to throw hurdles in our way," charged Horner, who says he decided to look into the fee structure after the EPA repeatedly turned down his group for waivers.

"In 20 cases of ours, since the beginning of last year, we were expressly denied, or denied by them simply refusing to respond, in 18 out of 20 cases," said Horner, explaining that the batting percentage for fees waived in favor of liberal groups is overwhelming.

"Earth Justice was batting 17 out of 19, the Sierra Club was the worst, at 70 percent granted, 11 out of 15. You add up some other groups and we found that 75 out of 82 groups granted, because these are the groups that the EPA has decided are the favored groups."

The EPA has said it will consider an investigation. EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe told the House Energy and Commerce Committee May 16, "Our policy is to treat everybody the same."