Walla Walla area laser 'strike' incident investigated (Amazon)
Walla Walla area laser 'strike' incident investigated (Amazon)

According to reports, the Walla Walla Police Department is investigating what's called a "laser strike" at an emergency helicopter trying to and Sunday night in Walla Walla.

Life Flight chopper pilot notices a strong beam of light being pointed at his craft

The Life Flight helicopter was attempting to land at Providence St. Mary's Medical Center when the pilot observed a laser 'beam' being pointed at their chopper.

Walla Walla Police were able to trace the location, which they say is rare, to a home a few blocks from the hospital.  A man was located and seen pointing a laser in the sky and he will be facing charges.

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Federal law prohibits pointing any kind of laser at any kind of aircraft, and the penalty for the civil violation can be as high as $11K.

   The FBI is investigating a rash of incidents at Sea-Tac Airport

MyNorthest.com reported recently some 100 similar incidents are being investigated at Sea-Tac Airport where the issue has gotten dangerous. Officials say it's becoming a growing problem nationally as well.

Lasers, due to their blinding beam, could severely affect a pilot's vision, especially on take-off and landing. If the laser refracts or reflects off the cockpit glass, it can be blinding.

It's also a felony to point such a laser at an emergency vehicle, ambulance or police car as well.


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