Richland Police did not specify what date and time the alleged theft occurred, but say this woman is being sought in connection with one.

It happened at the Richland Walmart, cart full of items, many of them not paid for. Anyone who may know who she is (behind the mask) please call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

This is the latest in a long line, and growing list, of Mid-Columbia area suspects wanted for theft, burglary or other crimes while wearing a mask. As of this writing, none of them have been ID'd or apprehended.

The debate continues over the uptick in retail theft committed by folks in masks. The real interesting situation will be when banks and credit unions re open their lobbies full time. Many counties and cities across the country have laws banning the wearing of any mask or bandanna into a bank or credit union.

Back in the early days of the COVID issue, King County issued a directive telling people to wear them everywhere, including into banks. Not a bright idea. After talking with several financial professionals, if you go strolling into a bank or credit union with a mask on (especially if you exhibit any kind of unusual behavior) you will probably get the silent alarm tripped on you.


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