Poll numbers are sometimes hard to come by in Washington State, for months citizens, observers and voters have been wanting to know exactly where Governor Jay Inslee stands, and now we know.

It's not Rasmussen or Gallup, but KING-5 TV is a respected, neutral barometer for certain political climates in our state.  A new poll released this week shows Inslee's approval rating is only 41%, and 48% of voters who identify as independent "disapprove" of him and his performance.

The KING-5USA Poll was conducted January 26-28, 2020, so the full effect of his COVID-19 policies were not quite felt yet.

Experts believe the low ratings stem from his stance on fighting voters over I-976, the $30 car tab issue. Now, many believe his poll numbers would drop at least a few more points due to his heavy handed approach to COVID-19 and the Stay at Home lockdown.

As for the January KING-5 poll, many experts believe his stance on the car tabs, insistence on raising taxes (broken no tax promise 8 times), the issues with Western State Hospital losing accredidation, and his lack of action the exploding homeless issue is catching up with him. Voters have had enough.

In the business community it's also believed he's lost even more support due to his 'glacial slow' approach to re-opening the economy.

KTTH-AM 770 in Seattle reports a Crosscut/Elway poll showed he only had a 40% favorable rating. Inslee is seeking his third term as governor.

 It's also noteworthy that the prestigious CATO Institute (who've been ranking and rating politicians etc since the 1930's) gave Inslee and "F" in 2018, and ranked him the worst governor in America. Oregon's Kate Brown was one of 7 others who also got an "F'.

To see the KING-5 poll, click on the button below.

To see the Crosscut/Elway Poll, click on the button below.

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