According to a letter sent to the Franklin County Prosecutor, a Yakima attorney has made some pretty strong claims against Pasco police.

Several attorneys are representing different members of the Antonio Zambrano-Montes family, who was fatally shot during a confrontation with Pasco police February 10th.

George Trejo Jr has asked for copies of the investigation done by the SIU, or Special Investigations Unit, all of the information up to this point. Trejo, who is representing Zambrano-Montes' wife and two daughters also believes a coroner's inquest is not necessary. Instead, he is calling for at least 2nd Degree Murder charges to be brought against the officers who fired their weapons during the incident.

According to KNDU-TV, Trejo believes the officers should go before a jury, and he also wants to be a part of the coroner's inquest if or when it happens.  The inquest has been called for by the Franklin County coroner. It would involved witnesses, evidence and information. It's like a trial, but only results in a fact-finding opinion, not a legally binding verdict about what happened and who's responsible for whatever actions occurred.


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