If you have ever been to Seattle and Portland, you might've seen lime screen scooters whisking riders from place to place.

The company that pioneered that concept is now eyeing Kennewick as its next place of expansion.

A company called Lime is looking to expand and Kennewick seems to be a likely place for expansion.

The Kennewick City Council is discussing if such a program is viable in the Tri-Cities.

The scooters are rented through an app and provide transportation in short spurts generally reserved for big city congestion. The program includes scooters and bikes.

The question is "will it work in towns like Kennewick and Pasco?".

Lime recently signed a contract with Spokane, taking their Washington State city total to 4.

Lime is now making pitches to Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Prosser.

One of the biggest concerns is safety and where to ride the scooters and bikes that Lime provides.

No word on when it could go for a vote but I think the concept is interesting and would give folks another viable mode of transportation when you are downtown in the various towns around us.

You can check more about Lime here and you also check out more details on the city council discussions here


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