A Pennsylvania couple are in police custody after turning themselves in. They are accused of stealing a woman's purse and cash, then using it for their own shopping.

The Smoking Gun reports 54-year-old Robert Doerwald and 45-year-old Dawn Hosie allegedly took a woman's purse, the victim had reported it missing from a Walmart in Honesdale PA, not far from the city of Scranton.

The two allegedly used the money and credit cards for purchases at a gas station, a McDonalds, and another Walmart about 20 miles from where the theft occurred.

Surveillance cameras captured the pair leaving the second Walmart location on scooters, and they became known as the Scooter Bandits. The Smoking Gun says the two turned themselves in, reportedly Hosie told police she screwed up and made a "bad choice."  No word on exactly what charges they are facing. The couple is reportedly engaged. They are seen below leaving the second Walmart on the scooters (from Walmart surveillance footage)

Scooter Bandits (Walmart surveillance footage)
Scooter Bandits (Walmart surveillance footage)

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