Although the tone of their report was somewhat lighthearted, Pasco police say there's NOTHING funny about alcohol, when you're behind the wheel.

An unnamed driver was taken into custody (and lucky to be alive!) after rolling their car on I-82 just East of Road 68.

Around 4:44am Thursday morning, the driver apparently lost control, and ended up in the median. Authorities say the driver ended up on their roof, after rolling several times.

Washington State Patrol officers arrived to assist, and found a strong smell of Listerine and cologne that was used by the driver to mask the smell of alcohol. However, after field sobriety and other tests, WSP troopers took the driver into custody for suspicion of DUI.

Officials didn't say if the driver was male or female, but we're presuming a guy since they used the word cologne.

Serious point? Again--don't drink and drive. You will be caught, and you can't hide the symptoms.

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