A couple of things stand out when examining Benton Frankln Health District data, which actually reinforce what health officials have said since Day One.

First, the COVID-19 virus targets elderly, at-risk older persons especially with compromised immune systems the hardest. Of the 1296 cases as of May 14, they're fairly spaced out between upper 30's to 60's, then drop with older persons (total cases).  By the way, probables are lumped together with confirmed.

However, 67 of the 71 deaths are over the age of 60. The other four were persons in their 50's. NO one under 50 has died in B-F counties.

Of the 1296 cases, there are four areas that account for 844 of them. They are:

  • Tyson Foods 251
  • long term care-assisted living-nursing homes 296
  • long term care-senior living staff (workers 118
  • health care workers 179  (the health department doesn't break down where they are from, whether hospitals, clinics etc) .

And finally, this is a telling statistic. Of the 71 deaths, 68 occurred in persons with underlying health conditions.  The vast majority of deaths occurred in persons over 60 and when you look at over 70 and up it's even higher. Previous data showed nearly 90 percent rates in those categories.

This information will help you keep things in perspective, which is a much needed tool right now. With a number of sources blaring headlines about the 'daily death tolls,' and claiming this rate is high, and that is high etc. perspective is necessary to truly understand what is going on.

To see the BFHD data for yourself, click on the button below.

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