Oh, those loveable losers?

Now that the MLB season is winding down, in the American League the Yankees, Astros, and Twins have all clinched division titles, and the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A's appear to be in the wild card (just jockeying for who's 1-2), we can again 'celebrate' the consistency of the Seattle Mariners.

Felix Hernandez is pictured during his rehab assignment in the NW A League with Everett vs. Dust Devils.

The M's are the placeholders for the longest playoff drought in all of professional sports. Between hockey, football, baseball and basketball, the Mariners have an 18-year streak going. Not since the 2001 season when they tied the MLB Modern record of 116 wins (The 1906 Cubs had the same number of wins) have they been back.

Some say it was a reverse curse, others say it's simply a result of bad drafts, bad trades and bad luck.  Regardless, see below for the longest droughts in all of professional sports. By the way, going into tonight's game, they are 66-92. At least mathematically they cannot lose 100 because there's only six games left.

It's ironic, because Seattle set a franchise record back in April-May by starting the season 13-2, the BEST 15-game start in the team's history.

There's always next year.

longest sports playoff droughts (CBS)
longest sports playoff droughts (CBS)


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