We, like many businesses, have security cameras at various locations around our buildings, and even in the back of our pasture in Pasco. But what they capture when we're not here can be scary.

Supposedly, all of the Scaregrounds characters are supposed to be ready to go up at the Fairgrounds, for Scaregrounds 2017. They've all been moved, or so we were told.

But one truckload didn't show up at the location, and then our cameras started capturing creepy stuff overnight and on weekends. Some say they're like animals, they return to what they believe to be home. If these guys look creepy, just imagine what Scaregrounds is going to be like in October!  We're still looking for the truck driver too. He's nowhere to be found....

IN the meantime, we have to work on getting these guys rounded back up. They hide when we're looking for them. Get details on Scaregrounds by clicking here....if you DARE!

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