What is a low carbon fuel standard? It's been around for a number of years in California.

It's the practice of reducing the amount of Co2 in fuel, thereby allegedly lowing emissions (carbon).  It's usually accomplished by mixing in more bio fuel elements. But it also involves the practice of forcing companies-industries to "buy" carbon credits. It's essentially a carbon tax, most of which gets passed onto consumers.

Either way, it's been known to increase gas prices significiantly. House Democrats in Olympia have passed HB (House Bill) 1091 throug the Environmental and Energy Committee, and this bill now heads to the House Floor for debate. Given the Democratic majority in the House, and pressure from Gov. Inslee, it's likely this bill will pass.

It sets a low carbon fuel standard for WA state, which would likely raise the price of a gallon of gas some $.57 cents, around $.63 for diesel. According to the Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG) this could be very costly for ag operators.

When coupled with the proposed $.18 cents per gallon gas tax coming from the proposed state transportation budget, by 2022, it could be rather expensive to drive in our state. We will continue to monitor the movement of this bill and it's Senate companion.

This was tried last year (2020) and passed the House, but died in the State Senate.



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