Lowe's just announced that they would lay off about 2,400 employees and it will affect our local store, but maybe not as bad as it sounds. When we reached out to Cooperate Public relations for Lowe's, Karen Cobb said that mostly they are shifting roles instead of eliminating them but will see probably 1 or 2 assistant manager positions reduction per store nationally.

She went on to say "In addition, we have consolidated some leadership positions in our Customer Support Centers and Distribution Centers, impacting about 37 employees nationwide, and approximately 10% of vice presidents in the corporate office in Mooresville, NC. In total, this impacts less than 1% of our workforce, approximately 2,400 employees".

Overall the local store will probably only loose 1 or 2 positions, so it is not as bad as it sounded. She also said that the future looks bright because "While staffing decisions are not easy, we are continuing to invest in the future of our business. Over the next three years, we expect to spend $3.6 billion in capital, including plans for 15 to 20 new stores per year, and create approximately 4,000 store-level jobs."

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