Another WARN Alert has been issued by the  WA State Employment Security Department, this one for a healthcare health services company.

174 jobs to be eliminated by October of this year

Crothall Healthcare, a company that provides various services to health facilities including cleaning, staffing, food service and more, will lay off 174 workers beginning in early October.

The WARN (worker adjustment and retraining notification) from ESD does not include specifics as to why Crothall (or any other company) is letting workers go. A newer WA state law demands public notice if a company is laying off workers, and when it will happen.

  Crothall is a subsidiary of Compass Corporation, a British-owned firm that's the largest food service company in the world, employing about 500K workers worldwide.

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  Crothall's Seattle location is listed at 909 Unversity Street in Seattle. No details are listed as to why the firm is letting the workers go.

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