Denny Baline Park (google street view)
Denny Baline Park (google street view)

This subject is raising eyebrows, even in Seattle.

City Parks and Rec Department strongly considering a park near nude beach

According to, The Seattle Parks and Rec Department is looking over a proposal to build a $500K children's park next to one corner of a well-known clothing-optional beach.

Since the 1980's Denny Blaine Park, located in the Madison Park Neighborhood along Lake Washington has been a clothing-optional beach. Tourist information also indicates the park was once a well-known area for same-sex couples to meet up and recreate.

Now, it is most known for being a widely-used clothing optional beach.

Now the city is proposing a children's playground, and various voices are speaking up on both sides.

According to

"According to City of Seattle spokesperson Christina Hirsch, Seattle is considering putting a small children’s playground on the northwest corner of the park. The area was identified as needing a play area due to it currently sitting within a neighborhood that doesn’t have a play area or park within a 10-to-15-minute walk."

Those who oppose the plan say it is a thinly-disguised attempt to force out the clothing-optional practice, while others say putting a children's park within full potential view of nude adults is a dangerous, slippery slope.

The city plans to seek comments and input from citizens at several open houses in December.e


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