A Gresham Lyft driver has sustained head injuries that are so bad, his doctor told him to not drive for weeks.

Parham Rabiee's only source of income is driving for Lyft.

On Thursday, Rabiee picked up two men in their 20's. They were intoxicated, with one of the men having to carry the other. They were being erratic, and Rabiee claims they were using racist slurs. Apparently, they didn't like the music he was playing.

Police said when Rabiee tried to help the man out of the backseat, his friend in the front seat attacked him. Rabiee says he's mad at himself for being "too nice" about the situation.

He was transferred to a hospital and diagnosed with severe head trauma.

Police say the men fled and got into a dark car before they got there. They're looking for one suspect.


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