Authorities say by the time we cast ballots in the November 2024 Presidential election, Benton County's new election center should be open.

  The new election center is located at the site of the old fire station by the Justice Center

For the last few years, Benton County has been leasing space in Columbia Center North, the old Chuck E. Cheese location. Previously, according to the Tri-City Area Journal of Business, most of the election work was done at the county seat in Prosser.

The old fire station located by the corner of North Belfair and West Quinault, has been gutted and is being renovated.  The new building will contain an observation area with large windows, an office, and a workspace that can be expanded.

The location is just northeast of the Target store in Kennewick. and just northwest of the Benton County Justice Center.

Once it is finished, which is supposed to be sometime in August, only the ballot processing and counting functions will move into the new building, and voter services and assistance will remain at the Columbia Center North location until after the election.

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Officials say they are leaving the voter services at CC North until after the November election to avoid confusing voters, and having to let people know they have moved.

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