A 63-year-old Yakima man is facing not only animal cruelty charges, but also false reporting to police.

Gale Polley was arrested Monday at his home in the Sun-Tides Mobile Home Park in Yakima around 4pm, after officials discovered he had stabbed the six-month old Siberian Husky mix puppy five or six times, then lied about it.

Witnesses said he originally wanted to take it to the pound to get rid of it, but it was too late in the day. He then allegedly stabbed the dog.  Neighbors said he was asking for a shovel so he could bury the dog, then he later brought it down to the mailbox area of the park and said he was going to throw it in the river.

Neighbors, disturbed by the fatally wounded dog, called the Yakima County Sheriff and animal control. They took it to the Yakima Pet Emergency Service, but it was too late and the dog died.

When officers arrived, Polley told them the dog was hit by a car, but due to the stab wounds, witness comments, and Polley's own original statements, it was clear he was lying.

He's now facing First Degree Animal Cruelty charges, as well as making a false statement to officers. He is due in court Tuesday.