Not only did the man steal his girlfriend's car, he rammed a Walla Walla police cruiser, drove at speeds exceeding 100mph on Highway 12,  he also might have run some other drivers off the road.

Walla Walla police and Sheriff's deputies pursued the man for nearly 45 minutes Wednesday night, after the suspect stole his girlfriend's car.  The man, who's identity was not released, refused to pull over after he was located by authorities.

After heading onto Highway 12 towards the Tri-Cities, he is believed to have forced several other drivers off the road with his recklessness.  Near Burbank, tire spike strips were deployed but the man just drove over them and kept going, according to our news partner KNDU-TV.

Finally, he was stopped and arrested shortly after taking the A Street Exit off the highway in Pasco after crossing the Snake River Bridge.

Police are asking anyone who might have been driving in that area and who was forced off the road to notify them immediately. Contact the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office at (509)-524-5400.

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