Only in Washington D.C. perhaps could we see such stupidity and lunacy by our public officials!

An unidentified man could be facing a myriad of charges after shooting several pit bulls attacking a boy last Sunday.

D.C. police report the 11 year old was riding his bike through the Brightwood neighborhood of the nation's capital when he was attacked by three dogs.

The man, who apparently lived nearby, went back to his home, grabbed a handgun and shot one of the dogs to death. He was able to help hold the other two at bay until police arrived and killed them.

The boy apparently suffered lacerations and cuts, but none of the wounds were said to be life-threatening.

What could be considered a threat to sanity, reason, and intelligence, D.C. metro police police had this to say about the incident:

Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said Wednesday that the entire case, including whether the man legally owned the gun he used to kill the dog, is under investigation.

Because Washington D.C. still has some of the most stringent and unreasonable gun control laws, the man could be facing a variety of charges. Apparently police are going to investigate whether he legally owned it and if he shot at the dogs beyond his property. If the man was in the street and fired without having a carry permit he could be facing additional charges.

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