Thursday night, Kennewick Police apprehended a driver who could have potentially caused a serious traffic issue, or harm to others.

Just before 10PM, An officer at the busy intersection of Canal and Edison who was stopped saw a vehicle meander right through their red light and continue on their way.

A traffic stop was conducted and the driver, identified as 19-year-old Jeffrey Murdock, clearly showed signs of impairment. However, the Officer found no evidence of alcohol but he strongly suspected marijuana use.

The Officer conducted a field sobriety test, and Murdock tested positive for the behaviors and reactions consistent with being high while driving. He was taken to the Benton County jail after being taken to a nearby hospital for a blood draw to test for pot use.

Just because you haven't been drinking doesn't mean you can smoke pot and get behind the wheel.  After the legalization of recreational pot, Law Enforcement agencies had to work to come up with test (along with medical experts) to quickly determine of a pot influenced driver is behind the wheel.

Now, Officers are trained to spot specific characteristics of marijuana intoxicated in drivers. Then, once probable cause is established, they do the blood draw.

Murdock is now facing charges of Driving Under the Influence, and Driving on a Suspended License Third Degree. KPD, and other agencies, remind drivers it's NEVER ok under any circumstance to smoke pot and then get behind the wheel.

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