Virginia Maiden found her 1995 Toyota 4 Runner missing from her apartment complex parking lot when she woke up Tuesday morning. Maiden reported the car stolen, admitting to police that it was unlocked when she left it. The Kennewick woman then went to her job at McDonald's at Canal and Kellogg. Just a short time later, while working the drive-thru, Maiden noticed her vehicle waiting to place an order! A Big Mac attack turned out to be the downfall for this thief.

Police arrested the driver, 22-year-old Katherine A. York of Kennewick, at the scene. A male was riding passenger, but was found to not be involved with the incident.

York is being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and could be facing additional charges after Police found a large amount of clothing in the vehicle that still had the security tags on them. The items were collected and found to be from the JC Penney and Sears stores in Columbia Center Mall. The investigation is continuing with the shoplifting portion of the case.

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