Early Monday morning Kennewick police were called to the area of 10th and South Washington streets for a report of a 'combative' male. Officers did not elaborate on what behavior prompted the call to police.

Upon arrival, a medical unit was called, and the suspect, 31-year-old Jeffrey D. Bush, reportedly became more agitated and spit in a medics face.

He was arrested on 3rd Degree Assault charges and taken into custody. Based upon information posted by a reported family member, Mr. Bush suffers from some mental illnesses and the family has been trying to get him into treatment programs.

According to the person supplying the information, it has been rather difficult to locate an appropriate program for him, especially since he's a legally independent adult (based upon his age), and reportedly several efforts to get  the man into some treatment programs have failed due to the person being told 'there's nothing we can do.'

There is an ongoing debate about the state of mental health programs not only in our area but across the state. While there are many ways people can get help, some say there's not enough 'emergency' or street-level crisis programs that can help people such as this man. Critics of the system say many of the growing number of homeless people in our area are there mainly because mental health issues have driven them out of homes and jobs, to the street.

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