The janitor cleaning the womens restroom in a Marshall County Wal-Mart probably didn't expect to find this.

Police were called to the store after the worker found a makeshift "shake and bake" meth lab in the womens bathroom.  The police found pseudophedrine pills and a plastic water bottle, which authorities call "shake and bake".   This crude method of making meth takes about 20-30 minutes to "cook" the chemicals and make a low-grade form of the highly addictive drug.

  Police say the pills did not come from Wal-Mart, but from another pharmacy, based upon evidence found at the scene. Police do not know if any finished product was actually made, all they found was the residual evidence that someone had been doing the manufacturing.   Authorities plan to scan surveillance cameras that capture traffic near the restroom to see if any information can be learned about who was making the meth.

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