Michelle Obama spoke to a group of healthcare exchange "counselors" and a group of new Obamacare enrollees at a Miami Community Health Center this week.

She tried to put a positive spin on the program that has seen millions of Americans with health insurance lose their coverage, and others who've found prices on the exchange more expensive than their previous plans.

According to CBS Miami the First Lady said:

We have our most precious people walking around here at any point time being hit by a car or being struck by an unforeseen illness and they will not be able to get the care they need when it costs so much… We need people to make sure we reach out to the young people in our lives.”

Obamacare depends on enrolling what are called the "Young Invincibles" -- people in the 20s and even early 30s who rarely see a doctor because they are healthy and strong. They don't consider health care a priority, often due to more pressing financial and career demands.

Obama topped off the visit by telling the healthcare exchange workers: "You are doing God's work."

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