The House of Representatives passed a resolution that will start the defunding of the Affordable Care Act.

Newhouse and other house members approved S. Con. Res. 3, the Fiscal Year 17 Budget  Resolution. It begins the process of pulling money away from Obamacare, with replacement programs expected to be coming once President Trump takes office. Newhouse released the following statement after the vote this week:

 “Obamacare is broken, and beginning the reconciliation process is the first step of a unified Republican government’s promise to repeal it in order to provide relief for Americans hurting under this failed law,” said Rep. Newhouse. “Repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate and maintaining protections for people with pre-existing conditions are key elements of the House Republicans’ Better Way blueprint for health care. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues in the House and Senate, as well as the incoming Trump administration, on timing for repeal and additional legislative details for replacement to provide all Americans with more choice, flexibility, and lower costs.”

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